The ACFE is the world's largest anti-fraud organization and premier provider of anti-fraud training and education. Together with nearly 80,000 members, the ACFE is reducing business fraud worldwide and inspiring public confidence in the integrity and objectivity within the profession.

Based in Austin, Texas, the ACFE was founded in 1988 by preeminent fraud expert and author, Dr. Joseph T. Wells, CFE, CPA. Dr. Wells’ insight as an accountant-turned-FBI agent led to the formation of a common body of knowledge known today as fraud examination.

The Danish Chapter of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE-DK) was formed on the 10th February 2017. Our members make up a diverse group of passionate anti-fraud professionals both from the private and public sectors and we provide a range of anti-fraud networking and training events in Denmark that are open to both our members as well as to non-members from a wide range of industries.

We are a non-profit organization hence our proceeds are being reinvested in future projects so as we can continue to offer best in class anti-fraud training and advice for all levels of knowledge and understanding, from a basic level to highly advanced, whilst having fun!


Our vision is to spread the word about anti-fraud and tangibly contribute to minimize the impact of fraud by sharing an interest in deterring and detecting fraud as well as promoting anti-fraud awareness and education.

Furthermore, we are also committed to promote the high esteem by which CFE’s are held internationally by both the private industry and the public sector in the Danish market and inspire new CFEs and members locally.


Our mission is to promote the significance of fraud awareness in Denmark and develop an anti-fraud network where learning and knowledge on fraud-prevention and detection can be shared among professionals

To accomplish our mission, we will:

  • Stay at the forefront of local anti-fraud issues and emerging trends via chapter newsletters, meetings and seminars
  • Host networking events
  • Engage speakers on fraud-related topics
  • Provide CPE training
  • Participate in the public debates on fraud-related topics